Nautical Angels


This is the ultimate travel show - where you visit exotic places and take high ocean adventures with three drop dead gorgeous ladies. Join the Nautical Angels as they introduce you to the Nautical World - a domain inhabited by beautiful people living it up in the open sea.

Production Notes

Captain Angel
A maritime expert and yacht's Captain, she charts the course and sets the travel mission. She will navigate the waters in search of la dolce vita - the sweet life. Our Captain Angel specializes in yacht engine design and craftsmanship. With her love for yachts and sailing, she will show you the best, the most powerful and the latest in the world of yachting.

Historian Angel

Stunningly beautiful and bookishly smart, this Angel is the perfect Historian. You will revere in her knowledge of history and culture,as she brings a unique perspective on the sights and sounds of places she visits. Explore palaces, participate in ancient rituals, and visit spirit houses with this extraordinary individual.

Action Angel

This intrepid Angel will run, soar, jump, dive, swim, climb, and do everything to show us what it means to truly have a great time! Our Action Angel is an adrenaline junkie primed for adventure. She's willing to try anything. This lady does not believe in taking it slow. Whatever it is, whether it's water sports, boxing or rock climbing, she will take on each challenge with zeal and zest.


Sarah Backhouse (Host - Captain Angel)
Cindy Burbridge (Host - Historian Angel)
Janelle Pierzina (Host - Action Angel)


Director: Daniel Foster
Executive Producer: Michael Gleissner
Producer: Matthew Lubetich
Associate Producer/Writer: Meme Rhee
Composers: Matts Glaad, Per-Erik Gustavsson


  • Genre: Travel, Adventure,
  • Studios: Bigfoot Entertainment Inc.
  • Color/B&W: Color
  • Film Rating: PG-13
  • Status: Completed
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