Diving Asia


The Diving Asia series showcases the finest dive sites throughout Asia with their diversely beautiful reefs and spectacular marine life. As our lovely host takes each plunge, viewers will be swept along an adventure to learn about recreational, ecological, and exploratory dives, as well as shipwreck and technical diving topics.


Menchu Antigua (Host)


Director: Matthew Lubetich
Executive Producers: Michael Gleissner, Kacy Andrews
Producers: Matthew Lubetich, Andrew Durbin
Writer: Andrew Durbin
Editors: Andrew Durbin, Kristoffer Villarino
Composers: Matts Glaad, Per-Erik Gustavsson, Kristoffer Villarino


  • Genre: Adventure, Travel,
  • Studios: Bigfoot Entertainment Inc.
  • Color/B&W: Color
  • Film Rating: PG
  • Status: Completed
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