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Hollywood Bootcamp


8 young Filipino candidates who have a burning desire to have a career in the film industry will compete for their shot at at  US$10,000 Cash or a US $20,000 Film Development Deal from Bigfoot Entertainment. All contestants will have a chance to work for Bigfoot Entertainment on a 1-2 year contract.

Production Notes

Hollywood Boot Camp is an eight week reality TV series created by Bigfoot Entertainment. Eight aspiring filmmakers go behind-the-scenes of a working movie set to learn filmmaking from the pros. From costume design and special effects to script writing and directing, each episode focuses on a different aspect of filmmaking. Contestants work alongside industry professionals to learn techniques of the trade. The host of the show, the Hollywood Boot Camp sergeant, runs contestants through numerous exercises centered on the episode’s theme.

Each week closes with an exciting team challenge that tests the contestants’ newly gained skills, creativity, attitude and talent.  Contestants are divided into two teams that compete against one another to complete the weekly challenges. In a dramatic ending, industry professionals judge the contestant’s individual work to determine who from the losing team will be eliminated.

The first episode gives contestants a chance to demonstrate their individual talent as a filmmaker. Their performances guide the team captains’ choices in dividing the contestants into two teams in the second episode. The team divisions are maintained throughout the show, though numbers dwindle each week as contestants are eliminated. In the final episode, the remaining two contestants go head-to-head. Their last challenge is to recreate their scene from the first episode using the skills they gained on the show and a crew made up of eliminated contestants. The ultimate winner will be declared at the end of the final episode. Both contestants and the audience will gain a working knowledge of the filmmaking process by the end of the season.


Rebecca Piket (Host)
Denise Aguado (Contestant)
Minco Fabregas (Contestant)
Randolph Vitales (Contestant)
Apple Pueblo (Contestant)
Miguel Vasquez (Contestant)
Shereen Saiyed (Contestant)
Lorenzo Aviles (Contestant)
Arvin Trinidad (Contestant)


Director: Roberto Jimenez
Executive Producers: Michael Gleissner, Kacy Andrews
Producer: Tamara Degrève
Associate Producers: John Paul Carandan, Ivan Edward G. Togonon
Supervising Producer: Gisele Fortuna
Segment Producers: Rebecca Piket, Mark Myers
Segment Producer/Story Producer: Scott McConnell
Cinematographers: Torsten Schimmer , Stas Tagios
Supervising Editor: Kristoffer Villarino
Editors: Ericson Gangoso, Roberto Jimenez, Rucksy Pabuaya
Assistant Editor: Edward Tabaccini


  • Genre: Reality-TV,
  • Studios: Bigfoot Entertainment Inc.
  • Subs: English
  • Color/B&W: Color
  • Film Rating: NR
  • Status: Completed
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