Screening Tips

February 18, 2011

Organize Your Film Screening

Film Screening can become a great campaigning tool. Aside from they can bring people together they can also be use to raise money for your cause, sell copies of your video or as a way to engage many people in discussion. Here are some tips to have a successful screening.

Advance Planning:

  • Deciding on your aims and objectives first will help with planning the rest of the event.
  • It is important to consider who your audience will be: the general public or a specific community.
  • Decide on a good name for the event and write a description, including information about the film, and what else will be happening on the screening.
  • Set a date; think strategically to avoid conflicts and maybe even piggyback on a similar event. Avoid holiday weekends, coordinate with local events. Consider attitudes and activities.

Promote your screening:

  • Circulate internet and e-mail postings. Create a Facebook event that includes your screening details. This will help keep track of how many people will be attending. You can also create a Twitter account to promote your screening; it is a great way to reach lots of people.
  • Blog about it and let your readers know the screening that you’re planning. You can post information about your screening, the film and anything else you want to let people know about.
  • Call up your local radio station and ask them if they can help you fill up your screening by mentioning your event on air. It’s a great way to get some publicity for your event.
  • Post flyers at local media and arts centers and also with local organizations and NGOs that would support the event.

Screening Day:

  • Be positive and flexible; things don't always work out as planned, create back-up plans. Always keep a positive attitude and make it fun!
  • Make a Sign-Up Sheet so your audience can get information in the future. Be sure to ask for Name, Phone Number and Email or postal address.
  • Document and evaluate the event; hand out and collect evaluation forms to everyone who attends, and ask people what they thought. These comments can be used as testimonials on future promotional materials.
  • Learn from experience; use your experience, your notes, and the feedback from evaluation forms to make your next screening even better.
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