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The Girl With No Number


Phuong Ly, a poor, beautiful Vietnamese woman, falls in love with an attractive, kind and wealthy man who wants to take her hand in marriage. Her life is seemingly perfect until her boyfriend’s mother purposefully sabotages their relationship. Heartbroken and fragile, Phuong Ly travels to Ho Chi Minh City to work as a cleaner at a marriage agency. There she meets Mitch, one of the men seeking an arranged marriage. He takes a strong interest in her, and coerces her to marry him with the promise that he'll support her family in Vietnam and that she'll receive a better life. However as soon as she arrives in America, Phuong Ly realizes she has been brought as a slave. She is violated and abused with no hope of escape. The only ray of light is the bond she develops with the American’s young, autistic niece; both of them prisoners needing to escape.


Jay Laisne (Mitch Mallory)
Bebe Pham (Phu'o'ng Ly)
Lu'o'ng Thê Thành (Trân Hiêu)
Elina Madison (Connie Mallory)
Adrienne Ugarte (Anna Mallory)
Trân Thi Hoài An (Mrs. Tiêt)
Nguyên Thi Chiêu Xuân (Kim Ngân)
Trân Bích Hang (Yên Khê)
Nguyên Duc Trung (Duc)
Kersten Hui (Ông Chín)
Clint Jung (Vû)


Director/Executive Producer: Michael Gleissner
Producers: Kacy Andrews, Ashley Jordan
Line Producer/Co-Producer: Maureen Mottley
Production Manager/ Associate Producer: Justin Cronkite
1st Assistant Director: Jenni Trang Le
Director of Photography/2nd Unit Director: Jack Messitt
Camera Operator/2nd Unit DP: Rick Robinson
Editor: Lewis Schoenbrun
Writer: Frederick Bailey (screenplay), Nguyên Manh Tuán


  • Genre: Drama, Social Issues
  • Studios: Bigfoot Entertainment Inc.
  • Subs: English, Vietnamese
  • Color/B&W: Color
  • Film Rating: NR
  • Status: Post-Production
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