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JEN, DENISE, TODD and SUSAN – four lifelong friends – set out to make the most of their ill-advised vacation by blowing off some steam at a traditional hurricane party. Their plans change however, after they pick up a pair of nature-worshipping surfers and stop in town for a drink. There they meet JOEY, the charming but awkward proprietor of the bar. Joey is instantly drawn to Jen and the chemistry between them is as odd as it is powerful. He invites the group to weather the storm at his home and after a few false starts – they accept.

Jen and the others are escorted to the house by BILLY, a cagey and aggressive drifter whose peculiar connection to Joey is unknown. Billy’s presence alone unnerves the group but it’s his violent temper that eventually steers the party in a darker direction. Unfortunately the only person seemingly able to control Billy’s rage is Joey - and Joey’s having a difficult enough time controlling himself. Together they share a grisly and disturbing past, one which threatens to destroy everyone in the house. As the night wears on and the storm intensifies, Joey and Jen find their attraction growing even as Joey’s precarious grip on sanity crumbles away.

Is Joey crazy or gifted? Is he the puppet or puppeteer? And is Jen the key to his salvation or his damnation?

Production Notes

The Story Behind Sheltered

Producer and Lead Actress of Sheltered, Stacia Crawford , was originally introduced to the script through long-time friend, fellow Producer and Writer Marc Whitehead. Originally written by Whitehead, the Sheltered script was augmented when Writer and Producer Matthew Murray and Writer and Director Stoddard came onboard. The writing team drew inspiration from films such as American Psycho to ensure a modern approach to this classic genre. Considerable time was spent on character and plot development, particularly the psychological aspects of the film’s main character, Joey, and corresponding love story between he and Jen. The team also felt it essential to include the storm as a character in the film; therefore the personality of the storm plays a critical role in Sheltered. How Challenges Became Opportunities Being a low budget, independent film, one of the obstacles the production team had to overcome was an accelerated shooting schedule. “It was a gift that the production clipped along at such a break-neck pace because it forced me to be so completely engaged from moment to moment,” expresses Stoddard. “We decided early on that we would take our limitations on this project and turn them into assets. This decision freed me up so that I could reach for things as a director and writer that, given different circumstances, I may not have had the guts to try.”

Murray agrees, “Josh and I wrote the script during a very compressed, very intense period that posed certain challenges, but also created great opportunities. We had to attack the script with a level of ferociousness and clarity that's not typically demanded. We had no time to second-guess ourselves, which meant relying on our instincts and believing in everything we were doing. This intensity translated into a script that was both lean and tight. My expectation and hope is that the intensity we mustered during the writing process will transcend to the screen."


Gerald Downey (Joey)
Stacia Crawford
Heather LoSchiavo
Tricia Small
Manny Hudec
Nick Stabile
Allison Dunbar
Jonathon Frappier
Paul Sampson
Scott Damien (Wyatt)


Director:  Josh Stoddard
Director of Photography: Marco Fargnoli
Produced by: SaigeBelle Films, Red Horse Productions, Marc Whitehead and Matt Murray


  • Genre: Horror,
  • Studios: Centennial Pictures, Saige Belle Films
  • Color/B&W: Color
  • Film Rating: NR
  • Status: Completed
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