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Hui Lu


A psychological thriller filmed in two languages (English and Mandarin).

Adam has made it big. He's cashed in on an important technology patent that makes him an overnight millionaire, and he marries the girl of his dreams, Lynda. Life seems perfect until Lynda discovers a key that begins to unravel the past. Could Lynda's brother have been murdered by her new husband? And why is Adam working more after he sells his company for millions? As Lynda gets closer to the truth, the couple's bond of trust takes an unexpected turn. Someone's life may now be in danger.

Production Notes

(Mandarin version of Irreversi)


王宇婕(Margaret Wang) - 饰韦嘉千 (as Lynda)
刘恺威(Hawick Lau) - 饰刘志明 (as Adam)
侯莎莎(Hou Sha Sha) - 饰陈怡君 (as Kat)
秦昊 (Qin Hao) - 饰杜永康 (as David)


编剧 / 总导演 (writer/director): 迈克尔∙格里森纳 Michael Gleissner
联合导演 (technical director): 萧庆龙 Ken Siu
摄影指导 (Director of Photography): 关智耀 Jason Kwan
美术指导 (Production Designer):陈思勤 Second Chan


6th Annual Accolades Competition '08: Merit Award


  • Genre: Suspense, Thriller,
  • Studios: Bigfoot Entertainment Inc.
  • Subs: English, Mandarin
  • Color/B&W: Color
  • Film Rating: NR
  • Status: Completed
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