New Concept Mandarin Chinese


New Concept Mandarin's Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) Video Series focuses on constructively learning Chinese in the everyday business arena. This three-module series walks students through actual day-to-day business situations.

New Concept Mandarin's CSL Video Series applies an original storyline of four managers competing for the position of CEO, which gives an integrated approach to better understand how to conduct a meeting, how to close a deal, how to socialize and much more. Two Mandarin speaking teachers will guide the student through these modules as they teach business vocabulary, grammar and phrases. New Concept Mandarin's CSL Video Series offers a hands-on-approach through verbal and written exercises which will have the viewer speaking, reading and understanding practical business language and situations.


Lu Yan
Li Ya Tian
Zhao Hui
Teng Ming Xu
Li Jun

Hosts: Li Wei and Chen Jian Jane


Director: Robert Bell
Writer: Laura Zhang
Producer: Robert Gary
Executive Producer: Michael Gleissner, Kacy Andrews, Fu Xianling
Director of Photography: Mark Gary


  • Genre: Education
  • Studios: Bigfoot Entertainment Inc.
  • Color/B&W: Color
  • Film Rating: G
  • Status: Completed
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